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I believe that marketing is an immersive activity that should be carried through to every corner of a business. A company's brand is more than just a website or a tag line. Because I am a comprehensive consultant, I am able to integrate a company's high level goals into the their brand. Below is some of my work. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Print/Web Design   -   Content Development   -   Social Media Management   -   Branding

Girl Tones is a rock band comprised of two incredibly talented sisters. I enjoyed building their site and continue promoting their shows. Check out their music on their site or on their social media.

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The Status Crowe is a family owned ice cream maker. They deliver locally crafted flavors that are distributed throughout Bowling Green. The site is playful and bright to reflect their product. Stunning product photos are proudly displayed throughout.

Girl Tones.PNG

Initial Networks

Initial Networks needed a simple clean site that presented a professional style to build credibility with clients. The content is filled with keyword research and a customized blog to showcase their properties.

Don Tequila's Mexican Food

When designing DTM's site, I focused on sensory design. The rustic textured backgrounds and the delicious scrolling images convince customers that this company has authentic Mexican cuisine.

For a tutoring facility, a website is all about building trust. I worked extensively with the staff to develop content to gain the trust of prospective clients. 

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